Driving Instructor Training & Course

You have decided that you want to make some extra money to supplement your current income. You already know how to drive so if you could get work that has something to do with driving you would be happy to take it. One of the things that you can do is become an Approved Driving Instructor or ADI. Driving instructors are in demand in the UK because there are people learning how to drive all the time. To become an ADI requires that you get some training but it only lasts 5 months. The driving instructor courses UK training is flexible just like in driving school so you can go when it is convenient for you. In order to be able to take the course there are a few requirements that you have to meet:

• You have to be 21 or older.

• You have to have a valid UK driver’s license for at least 4 years.

• You should not have been banned from driving in as long as period and you shouldn’t have more than 6 penalty points on your license.

You have to pass a DBS check.

If you meet this criterion then you can go ahead and find a driving school that offers driving instructor courses. There are many but not all of them are very good. Find a school that has qualified tutors and that provides you with textbooks and other additional support such as tuition to help you find a course. Once you enroll you will be assigned an instructor.

Your course is divided into 3. The first part is about introducing you to driving instruction and also how to negotiate hazards. Once you are done with part one you have to pass the first test in order to go to part 2. Part 2 is all about testing your driving skills. The instructor will go with you on the road to see how good a driver you are. They will also be testing your eyesight. You also have to pass the exam in the second part in order to be able to do the last one. It involves teaching you how to instruct. For your test, your instructor will pose as 2 different students to see how good of an instructor you can make. There are 3 passes that make ADI’s. The best is 6 which is Excellent, followed by 5 which is Adequate and the last is a 4 which is Good.

As you can see, becoming a driving instructor is not hard; if you have a little time, commitment and some money, you can easily start making extra income in just a few months.