Cosmetic Dentist Richmond

What should you take into account when you are choosing a cosmetic dentist in Richmond? Cosmetic dentistry has become rather popular in recent years with many looking to improve their smiles. Unlike proper dentistry which is strictly regulated cosmetic dentistry can sometimes be performed by people who haven’t had any formal training so you should be particularly careful before you choose a dentists for cosmetic work.
You should start by looking into whether he has proper dental training. True, all you want is cosmetic work done, but someone who is trained in dentistry is in a much better position to deliver the treatments that you need. They will be able to diagnose problems and give you different options for treatment. They can also advise you about what cosmetic procedures are suitable and which ones would cause more harm than good.
The best cosmetic dentists are keen to talk to you about your overall dental health before they embark on any procedures. If, for example, you would like to have your teeth bleached a good dentist will look into your oral history to find out whether you suffer from sensitivity or if you have implants. If your teeth are sensitive it isn’t a good idea to bleach them because it only makes them worse. If you have implants they can be affected by the chemicals that are used for bleaching. If you find that a cosmetic dentist wants to do a procedure before they find out about your dental history you should be wary.
How much a cosmetic dentist charges can also be telling. If you find one who is very cheap you should be careful – why would they be offering procedures for below market rates? Could it be because they take shortcuts and maybe use products that are not approved? You should look online to find out what some common cosmetic dental procedures cost so that you can have a fair idea before you go in for your initial appointment.
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